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New iPhone App makes buying glasses online easier

Pupil Meter iPhone AppPupil Meter iPhone AppPupillary Distance is the measurement between the centre of your pupils.  The provision of a P.D. measurement helps ensure your glasses frames fit comfortably.  At the moment, although the law may change, the P.D. measurement is not part of your eyeglass prescription, this means that once you leave your opticians you don't really have everything you need to buy glasses online.

This is no longer the case!  An optometrist from Denver, USA, has created a App for the iPhone called Pupil Meter that can measure your pupillary distance very accurately and provide you with a measurement in seconds.  This means that you can purchase perfectly fitting glasses online and save a heap load of cash. 

Here at OneSpecs we've been in contact with the inventor and he assures us that a Google Android and iPad version are in the making and will be available in the next few months.  In the mean time if you have an iPhone or iTouch then you can download the Pupil Meter from the App store by searching for "Pupil Meter" or using the link below.


Pupil Meter DemoPupil Meter Demo
OneSpecs customers who purchase Pupil Meter and go on to buy prescription glasses from us can get a £2.99 refund on the cost of the application.  Just mention this in the comments box when you process your order.

Purchase Pupil Meter from iTunes store @ £2.99

More information on Pupil Meter from SunMore Systems

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