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Measure your PD online (Pupillary Distance)

Pupil Meter screenshotPupil Meter screenshotWe are very excited!  A couple of months back we wrote a article on a software developer who had created an iPhone app for measuring your Pupilary Distance.  This was great news for online consumers as the P.D. (pupillary distance) measurement is the one thing that opticians don't have to document on your eyeglass prescriptions.  This can make buying glasses online a little more difficult, as you need to specifically ask your optician to supply your P.D. or calculate it yourself using a ruler, which can be a little tricky!  We got in contact with the developers of the iPhone app and asked them if they could develop a version  for desktop computers and laptops that uses a normal webcam.  ...They said they could!

We can now confirm that OneSpecs is the only web retailer that can measure your P.D. online, and do it easily and accurately!    

How to measure your PD online

What you need:

  • A laptop or computer with a webcam
  • A credit card or debit card (needed as a prop, not for payment!_

What you need to do

  1. Broswe through our selection of prescription glasses till you find the right pair for you.  Make sure you use our special filtering system to get the right frame design and fit for your requirements.
  2. Enter your basic eyeglass prescription into the prescription form at the bottom of the product page.
  3. Click on the title "My PD isn't on my prescription, what do I do?"
  4. Now click on "meaure your PD using our online application"
  5. A new browser window or tab will open with the Pupil Meter application.
  6. Then grab your credit card and follow the instructions below:
  7. Instructions for measuring your PD onlineInstructions for measuring your PD online   

  8. Once you have completed stages 1-5 of the instructions, you can record your PD measurement back on the prescription form on the product page.   Job done!
  9. Complete your order and wait for your lovely, inexpensive prescription glasses to arrive at your door.


We hope you like our P.D. application.  If you think you've got an odd measurement then for your information the average P.D. is 64mm for men and 60mm for women but can vary from about 54 - 68mm for adults and 41-55mm in children.  If you get any problems then don't hesitate to call us or use our online customer service tool.  We really appreciate your feedback too, so let us know if you have any difficulties in the comments below and we'll try our hardest to address them.

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