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How To Choose The Right Glasses Frame

Looking good in glassesLooking good in glassesStyle is an important consideration when choosing frames for glasses. The final decision almost always hinges on how the chosen eyeglass frame looks on your face. Trying different styles at a good optometrist’s store is one way to determine and subsequently, choose the frame.  Also, online eyewear stores like OneSpecs are also an excellent resource for both, products and information on eyewear. Therefore, gathering information to narrow down your choices prior to this exercise will not only help you save time and effort, but also ensure you pick up a pair that can be worn for longer and with confidence. Many people want to match the frame colour with that of their hair and skin. Before starting on your quest to choose the right glasses frame, you need to know what frame styles will match your hair and skin colour. So let’s get started...


Matching Hair Colour To Glasses Frames

Long gone are the days when people frowned upon those who wore reading glasses. Today, people wear glasses more than for just vision correction. The right pair of reading glasses can make a huge fashion statement and ‘up’ your fashion quotient. However, when choosing glasses frames always try to match your hair colour to the frame.

The colour of your hair is an intrinsic part of who you are and that’s one of the first things people will notice about you. Whether you are a blonde, brunette, or redhead, further highlight your hair colour by matching them to your glasses frame. Since frames are available in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colours, match the colour of the frame to your hair colour, instead of the eyes as it will draw attention towards your face.

Finding Your Matching Frames Colour

Black Hair Colour – Consider yourself lucky, if you have black coloured hair. Your hair colour allows you to choose eyeglasses in any colour. However, if you want to really make a strong statement, opt for metallic frames in regular shapes and colours. Dark finishes like dark tortoise will give you an edge!

Cate Blanchett BlondeCate Blanchett BlondeBlonde Hair Colour – Golden hair colour goes really well with frames in pastel shades. You can also choose light weight frame styles in subtle colours to add more warmth to your face. Stay away from heavy frame styles, dark colours like greens, blues, pinks, and metallic shades. Add a touch of elegance with frames in light brown or tortoise finish. Black coloured frames go very well with blonde hair colour.

Brown Coloured Hair - All you people with brown hair, why not compliment your hair colour with a pair of dark chocolate or burgundy coloured frames to invite envious looks from people! If you have light brown hair, metallic frames in warm colours like bronze look amazing. Remember to avoid dark colours, heavy-looking styles as well as delicate metals. For those of you with dark brown hair, metallic frames in gold, silver, soft browns look amazing. Never choose pastels or heavy-looking, dark coloured frames.

Red Hair Colour – Fiery redheads can choose glasses frames in almost any colour, but never yellow! Rich browns, copper, gold, greens, and tortoise shell colours will also match your hair and eye colour rather well. Use cold colours only if you want to make a bold and strong statement.

Silver/Grey Hair Colour – Men and women with silver or grey hair colour should reach for bright coloured frames as they wonderfully compliment their hair. Reds, magenta, in metallic or plastic frames will suit your face rather well. However, avoid dark frames, tortoise shells, and yellows.

Look for reading glasses that compliment the shape of your face and match your hair colour. To give your face a more balanced look, opt for glasses that are opposite in shape to your face cut. For example if you have a round face, rectangular shaped glasses will look good.

Furthermore, you can pick a pair of glasses frame to match every occasion in your life. This way you will not be able to accessorise your looks, but also make a unique and individualistic fashion statement at the event. No more do you have to sacrifice your vision to look good. With a wide range of reading glasses available at OneSpecs, you can now look and feel good and confident, every step of the way!

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